Date: Sunday 5 May 2024

Hello lovely facilitators of community joy and connection.

Another big thanks to everyone who came to the Conductor Exchange zoom on Sunday, and to those who’ve since sent their apologies. I really appreciate your time, and your commitment to your With One Voice choir. Here is a brief summary:


1) Video Link
Please head here if you’d like to catch up on what you missed:


2) “Drift Away” Video Project
A huge thanks to all the choirs who have sent me their recordings. It’s going to be a terrific video – something we can all be really proud about. For those who haven’t yet sent them, a reminder that I need the uncompressed video files, which I can only get if you upload it to the cloud somewhere and send me a link. Please reach out if you need help, or check out the instructions here:

I would also like to invite all of you to submit your own personal video too. Singing, playing along with an instrument, interpreting the music through dance… all would be welcome and appreciated. If you could get me something in the next week or so I would be very appreciative

We’ve had lovely feedback on this project so we’ll look at another one in the near future. If you have song suggestions, please send them our way!


3) Cornerstones of WOV
We’ve been talking about this for a while, and we’ve put a lot of work into developing this into a fairly comprehensive online resource:

I invite you to have a look through, particularly sections two, three and four which will be most relevant to your role. As we develop it further, I will be reaching out for input from you all to expand our resources. To begin with, could you please send me a warm-up exercise you use that always makes for a joyful, connected experience? Note-form or voice recording is fine – I can turn it into something pretty!


4) Protocols for Gigs
We had some important discussions about seeking, quoting, and invoicing for gigs. Alongside our commitment to compensate our conductors’ time for performances, is a commitment to ensure the performances are delivering value to our choirs or organisation. This means either charging the clients enough to cover your fee (and associated costs), or ensuring the “exposure” of the performance is being capitalised. If we’re doing a free gig and not getting four or five new visitors to our choir, the exposure is probably not worth the cost.

It’s also imperative that we ensure our clients are invoiced in a timely matter so that we can keep track of payments. Getting this invoice drawn up and sent when you’re booking the details with the client is a good way to ensure we don’t lose track. We have a simple form that makes this process easy for you – Requesting An Invoice

See also: Quoting for Gigs 

Enya will also be checking in with you directly if there are performances on your monthly invoices, to check if we should be sending out invoices to clients for payment. These payments might be small, but they help keep our choirs viable!


5) Next Conductor Exchange

Please add this to your calendars – see you then!

When: Tuesday 2 July
Time: 12:00 midday


Thanks everyone. Keep doing that amazing thing you do! You inspire, delight, and facilitate connection every week, and the world is a better place for it.


Chris Blain
National Choir Program Manager
0414 687 115