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  • Friendly hello, smile, and how are you?
  • Clear, concise information about WOV
  • Welcome letters & extra info to answer questions
  • Name tags
  • Someone experienced to sit with

  • Clear brief on what the session will be about
  • Welcome new guests
  • Allay fears and anxieties about singing badly
  • A focus on WHY we are here (benefits of singing together)

  • Breathing, stretching, warm up
  • Education around vocal health
  • Musical competency
    building – rounds, simple songs
  • Get used to using your voice and desires

  • Joyous singing with encouragement and feedback
  • Clear teaching and scaffolding of songs which are easy to learn
  • Feels like it’s getting better each time
  • Release tension in the body
    through singing

  • Notes and information for members
  • Invitation to chat and stay if you want to connect
  • Make sure all new visitors feel welcome to come back
St Kilda community choir with conductor
St Kilda community choir with conductor

  • Sit down, talk, connect
  • Follow up with guests, to allay fears and encourage them to come back
  • Talking and connecting over supper and the wish list
  • Sitting, sharing food and drink
  • Conversation in a casual setting