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Lina’s story

"When I came to Australia I didn't even know about community choirs, but then I found one and they became my family."Lina shared with us her story of joining With One Voice St Kilda and the joy that she gets from being part of the choir. Watch the video below to learn...

Rodney’s story

Rodney has been a member of With One Voice Geelong for 5 years. We sat down with him to have a chat about his experience with our choir. “It is a very safe space for people who feel somehow vulnerable, somehow like they can’t sing, somehow like they don’t belong.”...

Velcro Couch: Enya Cai interview

Our Conductor of Operations Enya Cai was interviewed on Velcro Couch, featured on Southern FM. She had a chat about our program and the benefits of coming along to sing with one of our choirs. Have a listen below!

2023 Pillars of Light festival

2023 Pillars of Light festival

On the 8th of December, members from our choirs all across Melbourne came together to perform at the Pillars of Light festival in Federation Square. Pillars of Light is an inclusive, multicultural celebration of Hanukkah. The joint choirs were led by our conductors...

WOV Break O’Day: Festival of Wellbeing

The Festival of Wellbeing, held on Oct 14th as part of “Mental Health” week, was a free community event for everyone in the Break O’Day region, and a celebration of all things to do with wellbeing. A day to celebrate & learn new ways to care for & create...