Date: Tuesday 2 July 2024


Hi everyone.

I hope you’re all staying warm and healthy as we delve deeper into winter. A sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who managed to attend the Zoom on Tuesday. We covered a lot of ground in our chat, so please take the time to watch through the video if you couldn’t attend. Items for immediate action are:

1. Video Link
I want to keep this email as brief as possible, so please watch through so you don’t miss anything important. Remember, you can watch through at 1.5x or 2x speed if that works for your brain!

2. NEW Conductor Resource Page
Thanks to some great feedback from the conductor network, I have made you a new page where all your conductor-related resources can live. Please bookmark the page, as it WILL NOT SHOW UP ON ANY MENUS:

I invite you all to contribute to these resources, by sending me any warm-ups, rounds, simple songs, etc that you think could be included.

3. Drift Away Video Project
We discussed some interesting stats from the Drift Away Video Project. The main take-aways are:

  • Social Media Shares account for nearly 50% of minutes watched on that project. The paid reach is only 7%. That means, please encourage everyone to share the video on their personal accounts. There are nearly 500 people in the video, and so far 89 shares – imagine if everyone shared it!

  • 213 people clicked the link to go to our website, which amounted to a LOT of enquiries and expressions of interest. All the choirs benefit from a project like this, so thanks for your collaborative efforts!

Our next Video Project will begin soon. I’ve only had nine responses so far to the survey, so please click the link and let me know what you prefer:

4. 2024 Member Survey
In the coming months, we will undertake a Member Survey, and we’re hoping to get at least 80% of our members to respond. We will have both a digital and paper version of the survey sent to your coordinators, and we will hold a “Survey Week” in which we are hoping to get them all done. We will be relying heavily on you to communicate this with your members, and facilitate a 5-10 minute block in your rehearsal that week to get it done. We’ll continue to update you with important information about it, but as a heads up, it is coming, and you will have a role to play.

5. Next Conductor Exchange
When: Thursday 5 September 2024
Time: 12:00 midday AEST

Thanks everyone. Keep up the great work, and please reach out if you have anything to contribute, share, or comment. We welcome your feedback always, and I’m always available to support you in the amazing work you do.

Chris Blain
National Choir Program Manager
0414 687 115