Connection sits right at the core of what we’re trying to achieve with our With One Voice program. Facilitating time and space for quality interactions, and nurturing long-lasting relationships is the most lasting outcome of our choirs.

Sure, the singing is amazing, and it is the reason we all come together. But at it’s core, With One Voice is about making people feel welcomed, seen, heard, and valued in their community.

There are many ways our choirs facilitate this. Here are a few of those ways, and some guidance about how best to achieve them.

  • Create time and space for casual connection.
  • Create an environment conducive to connection and community (sit around tables, have something to share.)
  • Invite your members to bring something to share for supper.
  • Take your time – no need to make everyone feel rushed.
  • Share the load – everyone can chip in and make supper feel like a communal affair rather than a catered function.


  • The Wish List is an opportunity to connect your members on a needs basis.
  • Each week members can submit wishes (something they need, something they need help with, a connection they require, etc.)
  • Members can grant each others’ wishes, or make offers to the other members (something they could do to help other members, something they have that they don’t need any more, etc.)
  • These wishes can open up new connections and relationships that wouldn’t otherwise occur.
  • A weekly newsletter to your members is a great way to stay in touch, and keep your community feeling connected.
  • Newsletters are a great way to communicate important information, that members can access when they need it.
  • Newsletters make our members feel connected to the organisation, and included in the decisions of the choir.
  • Newsletters can improve member retention rates, and encourage guests to become regular members.



  • Follow up with any new guests, make sure they feel welcome and encouraged to come back.
  • Checking in with absent members in between sessions can ensure they feel welcomed and valued.
  • Call, text, or email members who have been missing for a week or two, and let them know they are missed, and welcomed back.
  • Use WhatsApp, Signal, or Messenger to create a free chat channel that your members can use to communicate outside of choir.
  • Members can use a QR code or email link to join the group.
  • Broadcast the latest up-to-date information about rehearsals and performances.


St Kilda community choir with conductor