Your With One Voice Choir is connected to a national network of Facebook and Instagram Pages that help increase your visibility and engagement online. Using this guide to govern how you Post, Tag, and Share content can greatly increase traffic to your Choir.

Last updated: 1 March 2023


Content is king! The more you can engage with social media, the more chances you have to reach new people.

Don’t get hung up on perfection or polish – take some smart phone images or short videos during rehearsals, performances, or social events, and get them up on Facebook ASAP. The content should give anyone interested a glimpse into what it feels like to be in that room with you.


The best way to increase the visibility and organic spread of your Posts is by Liking, Commenting, and Sharing.

Encourage everyone in your choir to Like the Page, and request that they interact with any content they see posted there. It takes about 5 seconds to stick a love heart on the post, Comment and “@” tag a friend,  and Share it with your own personal network.

Just imagine the visibility we’d have if everyone in our vast national network did that?!


Tagging is a great way for a content network to keep track of itself.

When you make a post, add the Hashtags: #withonevoiceaus and #creativityaustralia so that we can easily find and help share all your content.


You can also inform the entire network of what’s going on, by clicking “@” then typing “With One Voice Australia” so that we can help you promote your choir.

Similarly with “@” “Creativity Australia”, we can keep your news spreading across our huge global network of supporters,


Check out this handy document which explains many of the ways you can maintain a successful social media presence.

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