Many of our With One Voice Choir members require a Personal Care Assistant to bring them to choir. This policy governs the expectations we have of the Personal Care Assistants.

Last updated: 1 March 2023

Personal Care assistants are integral to the ethos and philosophy of our choirs. We must make them feel welcome, and valued, and always invited into the With One Voice family.

To minimise any possible misunderstandings, and avoid any possible emergencies, please clearly communicate our organisation’s policy:


It is a condition of entry that personal care assistants MUST come inside and be with their clients for the duration of the rehearsal.


Personal care assistants are entitled to a complimentary membership to our nation-wide network of choirs. For insurance reasons, we ask that their attendance is recorded by our coordinator at each session, and their personal details are collected and stored as you would a new paying choir member.


Carers should be encouraged to join in and participate in the choir session. They should also be reminded that no special talent is required for their participation, just as we would with a new member.

Exceptional Circumstances

Any variations to the above can be accommodated ONLY if arranged prior to the rehearsal with the coordinator or other volunteers, and again agreed to on the night. We do not always have the staff or resources to manage extenuating circumstances.

It is essential that the carer can be contacted AT ALL TIMES if they for some reason cannot be present. As an organisation, we can never assume that things will go to plan!