In 2024, Creativity Australia has increased the recommended amounts for With One Voice choir membership.

We want ensure the following:

  • We will continue our commitment to removing cost as a barrier to entry for our choirs.
  • We will do communicate the price change with your members as clearly as possible.
  • We will gladly open ourselves to conversations with anyone who requires further information (or who simply wants to vent!)
  • We will continue to offer technical support to facilitate anyone’s extraneous circumstances that may need to be accommodated.


What we will need from you is clear and consistent messaging to your choirs:

  • Our choirs are available to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Our choirs are committed to sourcing excellent conductors and venues, which come at a cost, in addition to insurance, music licensing, promotion, administration, digital assets and more that is required to survive and grow.
  • Our membership fees are needed to help cover these costs.
  • We encourage those who are working to please contribute what they can to help support less fortunate members to participate.
  • Concession memberships are for those with valid forms of concession (ie Centrelink Health Care, Pensioner, Veteran’s Affairs, Seniors).
  • We don’t ask volunteers to be checking proof of concession as part of their role. A certain amount of trust is required in this model. We just ask you to help with messaging where possible.
  • Subsidised membership options will be removed from the online portal, and will be offered only in consultation with the choir coordinator’s discretion. Information about how to add a new member with manual billing can be found in the RESOURCE LIBRARY here.