We hope being part of this choir will bring you happiness, connection, friendships, opportunities, new skills and an improved sense of belonging. And we hope you’ll get to experience the joy that singing together brings us – in rehearsals and performances.

The choir is supported by Creativity Australia, a not-for-profit charity, which provides support and structure. It is YOUR choir, YOUR community, and as with most things, you will get out of it what you put in. We recommend that you get involved, not just participate, and help us create a healthy, happy community for yourself and for others.


Building a community takes passion, energy and enthusiasm. Your conductor is an incredibly talented facilitator, and will ensure that the music side of things is world class. But a choir is so much more than just music.

Get Involved!

Take the time to make new members feel welcome and valued. Make the effort to get to know everyone in your choir, and help introduce the people you know to each other. Sometimes all that stands in the way of healthy, meaningful connection and a sense of belonging is a warm smile and an interesting question!

  • Volunteer (your talent and experience is valued, whatever you can offer)
  • Speak up (Tell your conductor if there’s a song you love or an event we could perform at)
  • Contribute (Bring something to share at supper)
  • Spread the Word (bring a friend each week and help grow the community)



Follow our simple Code Of Conduct to make sure everyone feels included, respected, and welcome:

1. Follow the conductor’s directions
2. Learn the requested lyrics and music
3. Help set-up, pack down and tidy rehearsal and performance venues
4. Take reasonable steps to avoid putting self and others at risk
5. Use polite and respectful speech
6. Refrain from using any drugs or alcohol during and immediately preceding any With One Voice rehearsal or event
7. Welcome others to the choir