In 2024, Creativity Australia has increased the recommended amounts for With One Voice choir membership.

These new prices aim to keep our member contributions low and accessible for all, whilst also being able to sustain the ongoing costs of running a choir, including payment for our experienced conductors.

Our new recommended contribution amounts are:

General membership: $50/month
Concession membership: $35/month
Subsidised membership: $15/month

If you, or a member of your choir, wish to contribute another amount, alternative arrangements can be made by talking with your volunteer Choir Coordinator. If someone genuinely cannot afford to contribute the recommended amount per month, we do not want price to be a barrier to being a part of our choir communities.  


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Why is the price change needed?

Our recommended prices have not changed since 2016, while our operating costs to run choirs have continued to increase during this time. At the same time, many new people have joined our With One Voice choirs, and messaging has not been consistent about our pricing structure and how contributions affect the financial sustainability of each choir. We understand that many members are paying based on “pay what you want” amounts. This has meant that a significant gap has formed between the expenses and the income of our choirs.

This price change, and clearer messaging around recommended pricing, is aimed to narrow this gap to ensure that as many choirs as possible can continue to run.

Meanwhile, the head office will be conducting a renewed effort to secure further income through fundraising and grants, and minimising head office costs, whilst still providing a high quality community choir offering to our members.

What does my contribution go towards?

Your contributions ensure that we can pay your experienced conductors fairly for their time and expertise. They also go towards venue hire, and providing materials for your choir such as our With One Voice t-shirts. Contributions also go towards Public Liability and Volunteers Insurance, and music licensing to ensure that the choir can operate and perform. Contributions help head office provide guidance, coaching and training to our choir members, volunteers and conductors, and help to coordinate marketing, performance opportunities, and choir logistics such as keyboards and shared repertoire.  

Contributions also help subsidise the membership of those who genuinely cannot afford to pay the full membership amount for choir. Our inclusive model aims to help anyone attend, even if price is a barrier, however this relies on there being enough contributions from members to sustain the costs of the choir.  

What if I can't pay the full contribution?

As always, we remain committed to removing price as a significant barrier to participation. If you have concession status or other factors which mean you cannot pay the general membership amount, please have a chat with your choir’s coordinator, who can have a conversation with you about your unique circumstances and discuss potential options.

If you have a concession card or other form of concession, your Choir Coordinator may ask for evidence to ensure we’re keeping our choirs as financially sustainable as possible.  

What do I need to do to process this price change in Membershipworks?

Nothing! (Hopefully).  

This change will be taking place on [XX date]. If you have monthly card payments set up with us, the change will happen automatically when you make your next contribution, after [date].  

If you’re paying by bank transfer, cash, or another method, we ask that you review your contribution and ensure it’s in line with our recommended contribution amounts. Your contributions ensure that we can keep your choir running and pay your conductor fairly for their time and expertise. 

Have more questions?

Please reach out to your Choir Coordinator in the first instance, so they can have a discussion with you to understand your circumstances, and support you to attend choir. Further questions can be directed to head office at withonevoice@creativityaustralia.org.au.